The Azienda Agricola Rabajà of Bruno Rocca is married to a unique territory from 50 years, cradle of its fine Barbaresco. Today the company comprises 15 hectares of vineyards lying in the town of Barbaresco, Treiso and Neive, where the ancient family’s grapes grow and are valued.

The guidelines of the artisan work of Bruno Rocca are always the elegance, the balance and the body, which were loved by his parents and are taught to his own son Francesco and daughter Luisa: alongside an outdoors work dictated by passion in collaboration with nature, they have built a highly specialized winery. Within its walls are housed the different types of wines, the youngest in steel, while the Nebbiolo in the woods of the barriques. The fine Barbaresco arise in an underground cellar at a temperature never exceeding 17°C: color, scent and structure are outlined in shades that excite the senses and the mind.

The passion for the Rabajà area of Bruno Rocca comes to life in the Barbaresco wines, crowded with awards around the world and with which you fall in love from the first time.