CHATEAU smith haut lafite


In the 14th century, Verrier du Dubosc signed the first recorded deeds for this estate including a few vines. George Smith, a Scottish wine merchant, acquired the property in the mid-18th century and named it after himself. Lodi Martin Duffour-Dubergier, Mayor of Bordeaux and signer of the official 1855 classification, acquired the estate in 1842 and brought it up to Grand Cru Exceptionnel level.

In 1990, Smith Haut Lafitte was bought by its present owners Florence and Daniel Cathiard, who have turned it into one of the rising stars of Bordeaux with its strong, elegant and well-made red and white wines.

Smith Haut Lafitte produces elegant, powerful and complete wines, of both the white and red varieties. The red Smith Haut Lafitte gives a big wine with a silky texture and lots of aromatic charm while the white wine is elegantly tasty, slightly woody, with fine citrus notes.