Patrick piuze


Patrick Piuze established started his own winery in 2008, with the main intention to make a real difference between "wine grower" and "winemaker". He doesn’t own any vineyard but has a strong influence as a counsellor for the wine growers. He established a trust building approach and a long-term partnership towards wine growers. This philosophy enables him to pick the best lots in Chablis, most of them of very old vineyards, to collect high quality grapes. He mainly purchases grapes and provides a varied wine range from Chablis (four different vineyards) to Grands Crus (six references, among which Les Preuses and Grenouilles) and eleven Premiers Crus. Thus, 110.000 bottles has been produced. Through his wines, Patrick Piuze has always been intent on revealing the true character of Chablis and its wide-ranging terroirs and vineyards.